Saturday, 21 February 2015 -- Jordan to Tel Aviv

Saturday, 21 February 2015 -- Jordan to Tel Aviv
Early wake-up, pack-up and onto the bus to head back to Israel. We drove the length of the Jordan Valley on the Jordanian side and Michel gave us a brief history of Jordan and the royal family. We saw great expanses of agricultural activity and much tempting produce. As in Canada and Israel nowadays, much of the growing is done under cover, using less water and giving protection from environment and pests.
On both sides of the border, we went through extensive formalities then said good-bye to Michel and Hasan. After a short wait, we were picked up by an EO bus. Since we were not scheduled to be here until much later, they had to put together a program for us. We had a driver and transfer agent but no guide, so it was a different kind of day than we were used to, with no commentary. It's immediately apparent on crossing the border that Israel is more prosperous and better-serviced. Everything looks very green, and there is irrigation equipment everywhere. It's not in use at the moment because of the recent rain. Although it's reasonably warm, we passed a hill where they were making snow for skiing.
We picked up the transfer agent along the highway, and drove into Tel Aviv to put in the time before going to the airport.  Since is is Shabat, most things are closed, except in the Muslim areas.  We stopped in the historic Jaffa area for a couple hours of free time, where we walked around, and then some of us decided to enjoy a cappuccino in a sidewalk cafĂ© and enjoy the scene on the busy plaza. Driving around the city we saw a wide variety of neighbourhoods -- many soaring, modern buildings with trees on the balconies, other drab, dingy, poorly-kept places and everything in between. The gorgeous Bronfman concert hall and other public  buildings. The waterfront is a most attractive family area. The surf was high today, so surfers were out, but no one else was braving the water though the beach was full of people. We had a very nice dinner at a local restaurant, and just as we were leaving, the sun was setting into the sea. We all agreed it was a perfect image for our last evening in the Holy Land. All that was left to do was go to the airport and relax until our various flights. 

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